All Porcelain Tooth CrownsWhen the adjacent permanent teeth are fully erupted, we can place a tooth-colored crown which could be all-porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal. Porcelain tooth crowns could take one or more appointments.

Porcelain tooth crowns procedure

If your child is anxious, we might suggest using nitrous oxide, a harmless sedative sometimes called “laughing gas.” We may also use a rubber dam to keep the tooth dry and to prevent anything from falling down your child’s throat.

We do not start the procedure until we are sure the area is numb. Then, we clean out the decay and prepare it for the crown. Next, we place the crown and cement it into place after we are sure it fits properly.
When the permanent tooth pushes through, the stainless steel crown will simply come out with the tooth.
A stainless steel crown will help restore function, save the tooth and give your child a healthy smile.